Miracle Lake is a residential Christian training center for men struggling with life-controlling addictions.

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Welcome to Miracle Lake

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, Miracle Lake Christian Training Center is the place for you. We use a biblical approach to recovery by establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ. We offer a structured schedule, group class, group therapy, recreational therapy, individual counseling and various other beneficial activities. The initial program is 10 weeks, but we do offer extended stay and job placement programs as well.





"I never will forget the first time I saw my son [after he started at Miracle Lake] . . . He came out of the chapel and came running across the hill, and I could see a totally different person. I knew then that he was going to beat this. . . If you're struggling with addiction, this is the place for you."
~Tina Turner, mother of Miracle Lake graduate Hunter Randolph